Finding Margin

Busy. It’s something I do to myself vs. something I am. Anyone else feel that way? I can have nothing to do, yet I take steps to make myself busy by cleaning something that doesn’t need cleaning or creating new tasks. The reality is I don’t like to sit down and relax.

Guess what I have to repeat to myself often? “Every opportunity that comes our way doesn’t mean it is something we have to jump on.” By saying no to some things, we are able to make room for more important things.

You may be at the end of your day, completely exhausted, wishing for more “margin.” The truth is we all have some margin in our lives, it’s just how we are using this that will leave our glass half full or half empty.

One of our family focuses this year is how we use our time together. As a family we are seeking margin in our lives. Often we think of margin as a financial term but we think of it as prioritizing to create time in our busy lives. We have found that it’s really not something you seek- it’s something you do. If you take a moment to look at your day, I’m sure you will find that you have time for the things that matter most to you- it just all depends on how it’s spent.


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