LUV at first sight


More than 7 years ago, Ryan and I embarked on an important journey our lives. On the very first day of our orientation for class at our new job, I sat in a cold break room at a very full table of women. A cute guy with curly brown hair, and beautiful green eyes pursued me that night with the famous tag line “Don’t I know you?” I don’t remember my exact response. The truth is, I didn’t know him but in my heart, but I felt like I had known him my whole life in that moment. There was no exchange of information and we weren’t even in the same class so the story ends there, right?

Nope. This cute guy with curly brown hair pursued me. He found me online and from there he tried to get me to go on a date. I was completely against dating at the time, telling him “This is not rejection but, I’m not interested in dating…” At this point, he could have given up on me but he didn’t. My madly in love hubby kept pursuing me and it didn’t take long for me to give in. Most of our “dates” were working side by side passing the occasional post-it note or going to IHOP after getting off work at 2am.

I feel incredibly blessed to celebrate 6 years of marriage this week and I love reflecting on the start of our joyful life together as a family. Each day our love grows stronger and the roots of our family grow deeper.


2 thoughts on “LUV at first sight

  1. Remember that day. Praise God you have put him first in your lives, Each other second,j family third, ( even sweet Eli), your wonderful jobs fourth, and your church fifth. I think this was the advice Grampy gave you. Love you

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